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PAGE  |  The Unlikelies

The Unlikelies

  • Genre : Young Adult
  • Curriculum Subjects : Social: Class Differences/ Diversity & Multicultural/ Coming of Age, Humorous, Girls & Women, Law & Crime, Romance
  • Grade : 9 & up

Sadie is not excited for her pre-senior year summer, which will be her first without her best friend and on-again-off-again boyfriend by her side. Sadie braces herself for a long, lonely, and boring season in the Hamptons (where her family lives on the "have not" side of the divide), working at a farm stand. Things take an unexpected turn when Sadie steps in to help rescue a baby in distress and a video of her good deed goes viral.

Suddenly internet-famous, Sadie's summer changes for the better when she is introduced to other local do-gooders. These very different teens form an unlikely clique to right local wrongs and do good in their community. But when they try to help a heroin-addicted friend, they get in over their heads and discover that there might be truth in the saying "no good deed goes unpunished." Can Sadie and her new friends (and new love interest) make it through the summer with their friendships—and sanity—intact?

With the same combination of humor, romance, and depth that is garnering Loose Ends List fans, Carrie Firestone weaves a rich and timely story that will leave readers laughing, swooning, and thinking.