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  • Genre : Young Adult
  • Curriculum Subjects : Social Themes: Violence/ Suicide/ Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance/ Death & Dying/ Depression/ Religion & Faith/ Prejudice & Racism/ Emotions & Feelings; Religious: Muslim; Romance
  • Grade : 7 & Up

When Sebastian was just four years old, he picked up a gun his father left unattended, and shot and killed his infant sister. With no recollection of the tragic event, the ramifications and guilt still have a profound effect on his daily life. Neither Sebastian nor his parents have been able to fully put their lives back together, and their divorce is yet another after effect from that day, long ago.

Now fourteen, Sebastian has no hope for the future, and begins to secretly plan his suicide. That is, until he meets his new neighbor, Aneesa. As their friendship grows, so does Sebastian's reasons for living. With new plans, new hopes, and the ability to let go of the past, Sebastian realizes that maybe he can be happy for once in his life.

★"Lyga (I Hunt Killers) tackles a number of relevant issues in this heartbreaking novel, including gun control, suicide, and religious and racial prejudice...stark and unwavering realism." -School Library Journal

★"Heartbreaking and brutally compelling." -Kirkus Reviews

★"It’s a raw exploration of persistent social stigmas, a beautiful study of forgiveness, and an unflinching portrait of a parent’s worst nightmare." -Publishers Weekly