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Barry Lyga

 Barry Lyga graduated from Yale and then promptly went to work in the comic book industry. He was instrumental in the development of Free Comic Book Day. (You’re welcome). Since leaving comics, he’s written 17 novels, published in multiple languages around the world, including the bestselling I HUNT KILLERS. His books have been called “alluring,” “daring,” “extreme,” and even “made of paper.” He has no interesting hobbies because he basically spends all of his time writing. He was once called a “YA-rebel author,” which sounds strange every time he hears it.


What to Expect from a School Visit


I generally use AV, but for smaller workshops, I don’t need to. I have a variety of presentations I do depending on the school, the group, and what book I’m there to talk about.


I can talk, for example, about how Colleen Doran and I created the graphic novel MANGAMAN, along with visuals of the artwork-in-progress and the general process of creating a comic book.


But what I most like to do is a presentation where I talk mainly about things I wish I’d known at the age of the kids I’m speaking to. This includes Joseph Campbell’s “follow your bliss,” but also Steve Jobs’ admonition that everything in the world was made by people no smarter than you. I really try to get kids to realize that they don’t merely live in this world — they can CREATE this world. I try to keep it as light as possible, beginning with some jokes at my own expense and then slipping into the more serious stuff. Then, to reward them for listening to me, I do “Serial Killer Fun Facts,” during which I reveal scary things I learned while researching the KILLERS books…and usually end up picking some folks in the front row to kill…and also offer suggestions on how to terrify younger siblings. Oh, and I also give some advice on how to get away with murder.


The big thing, though, is Q&A. I absolutely LOVE to do Q&A. Because at least then I know that the people with questions got something out of our time together.


Interested in a visit from Barry? Email author.appearances@hbgusa.com


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