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PAGE  |  Exploratopia



Genre: Non-fiction

Curriculum subject: Science

Grades: 3 – 7


From physics to forensics, from the largest clouds to the tiniest ants, from Issac Newton to elephant dung, Exploratopia overflows with things readers can explore using the simplest, everyday items, such as eggs, paper clips, soda bottles, vinegar, and plastic cups. Kids will love these innovative activities and will have fun learning all at the same time.



“Practiced young experimenters ready to strike out on their own will find enticing science demonstrations on nearly every page of this inviting collection. Each of the 21 sections contains a half dozen or more entries that feature easily gathered ingredients, clear directions, and color photos or diagrams that are not only informative but often arresting as well.” –SLJ


“With many color photos, cartoon-style drawings, and well-labeled diagrams, the book is brightly illustrated and visually appealing, from its eye-catching endpapers right through to the appended (and sure-to-be-consulted) “Hints, Tips, & Answers.” Better written and more engaging than most science experiment books, this book encourages children to learn through reading, observations, and experimentation.” —Booklist