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PAGE  |  11 Must-Reads for Kids with Dragon Fever

11 Must-Reads for Kids with Dragon Fever

11 Must-Reads for Kids with Dragon Fever



First it was witchcraft and wizardry, then it was vampires, and now it’s dragons. Kids are obsessed from horn to tail with these mystical beauties. What better way to satisfy this fascination than with one (or all) of these 11 must-reads for kids?


  1. How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell

Who can resist a dragon named Toothless? Dragons come in all shapes and sizes in this 12 books series—plus journals, a guide to dragons, and more! There’s sure to be a dragon, no matter how many teeth or scales they have, for every reader.





  1. Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke

On a quest for peace, Firedrake, a brave young dragon, and Ben, a lonely boy, set out on a journey to find a place they can call home. On their journey, however, they encounter a ruthless villain with a mission of his own. Can Firedrake and Ben defeat this villain’s quest to end their search for happiness?




  1. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin

What’s an adventure without a dragon as a companion? And one who can’t fly, at that! This Newbery Honor-winning and New York Times bestselling fantasy, inspired by Chinese folklore, will give readers a new appreciation for the oral tradition and the magic associated with following one’s dreams.




  1. Eragon series by Christopher Paolini

Imagine wandering the forest and finding a beautifully polished blue stone. Pretty cool, huh? Eragon, a poor farm boy, dreamt of the possibilities this treasure could bring his family. Maybe meat for the long winter months? Instead, the stone brings a dragon hatchling, and Eragon soon realizes he’s stumbled upon something much more meaningful.




  1. Dragon Keepers series by Kate Klimo and John Shroades

Join Jesse and Daisy as they unexpectedly stumble upon a thunder egg that hatches into a small, but very loud dragon, whom them name Emmy. Are the pair cut out to be “Dragon Keepers” after all, or will the wicked Saint George, who feeds off of dragons’ blood, find Emmy?




  1. A Dragon’s Guide to Making Your Human Smarter by Laurence Yep and Joanne Ryder

The tables are turned in this novel, the first in a series, as Miss Drake (a dragon) is in jeopardy of having her human pet Winnie snatched from their San Francisco home. The unstoppable duo is at it again, thwarting all evil that crosses their paths.





  1. The Dragonsitter series by Josh Lacey

This chapter book series is the perfect how-to guide for what to do when you’re asked to babysit your uncle’s dragon. What’s that? Your uncle doesn’t have a dragon? Well, Eddie Morton’s does, and his experience is nothing short of hilarious!





  1. My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett

Beautiful black-and-white illustrations accompany this unique children’s novel about a young boy who runs away to Wild Island to recuse a baby Dragon. Will Elmer Elevator succeed in his recuse mission?





  1. The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Grahame

What characteristics come to mind when you think of a dragon? Do harmless, lackadaisical, and poetic ring a bell? How does a dragon who hates to fight defend itself against the evil St. George, who arrives carrying a vicious spear? The Wind in the Willows author wrote *another* children’s classic: this is it.



  1. The Adventurer’s Guide to Dragons (And Why They Keep Biting Me) by Wade Albert White

What do you do when you like dragons, but your next secret mission is to kill the dragon queen? Do you ignite a war between people and dragonkind, or do you suffer the consequences of ignoring the mission? Join Anne and her friends as they navigate the deadly dragon trials in book two of this funny, action-packed series.




  1. Dragonbreath series by Ursula Vernon

Danny Dragonbreath—the fearless dragon who can’t breathe fire—finds himself in a pickle when he gets a bad grade at school. In an attempt to fix this, Danny seeks help from his cousin, the sea-serpent. The hilarious tag team will have readers laughing-out-loud at their antics!